Museum accessibility

The museum is equipped with an elevator to provide all visitors with access to the upper-floor rooms.
Part of the museum is wheelchair accessible. Museum reception and security staff are available to assist you.


Please do not bring too many bags or accessories to the museum. We will no longer accept suitcases, large bags, motorcycle helmets or pushchairs/prams. Only luggage that does not exceed 55 x 35 x 20 cm is authorized.

Gallery stools

Folding stools are available for visitors to rest while enjoying the artworks. Simply request one from our staff.

Visitors with disabilities

LSF (French sign language) tours, speechreading, and descriptive commentaries are proposed during exhibition periods.


Take advantage of the Wi-Fi to consult our mobile application to accompany your visit with original content.

Toilet facilities

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located on the ground floor by the museum reception