A prominent 19th-century painter who received early critical acclaim for the power and creativity of his artworks, Delacroix was also a remarkable writer. His in-depth knowledge of the classics and keen sense of composition and narration are reflected in the quality of his literary expression, as evinced by the Journal he kept his entire life in the detailed notebooks that were found after his death.

Delacroix was also a fervent letter writer and maintained a voluminous correspondence. He was drawn to literature as a young man; thanks to a generous donation from Pierre and Nicole Guénant, the Musée Delacroix is fortunate to have the manuscripts of two short novels, Alfred and Les Dangers de la Cour, as well as the script for a stage play, Victoria.

Fascinated by the theater of Shakespeare, Delacroix also produced a set of lithographs and illustrations inspired by the playwright’s finest works.