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Inside the studio
Inside the studio

© Louvre/A. Mongodin

L'Atelier de Delacroix © Louvre/A. Dequier
L’Atelier de Delacroix
© Louvre/A. Dequier

Under the direction of our visual artist, the museum workshops take place on Tuesdays, when the museum is closed to the public, in Delacroix’s own studio and among his works. Given the limited space and for quality reasons, each group includes a limited number of 20 people. These workshops are designed to help the participants perceive Delacroix’s creative spontaneity and free plastic research while enjoying drawing.

Children workshops

-“After nature with Delacroix” (6-18 years old)

Make your own sketchbook at the museum!

Eugène Delacroix realized more than 6000 drawings among which numerous studies after nature. Having a sketchbook was of paramount importance for him; his sketches after nature enabled him to remember atmospheres, forms, colours, lights and shades… During the workshop, the children will make their own sketchbook – given by the museum— with the help of our visual artist, by referring to Delacroix through direct observation of his studies of landscapes as well as of facsimiles of his trip notebooks. The technique used is that of pencil with coloured lines and annotations. The workshop also introduces the children to watercolour technique in a simple and convenient way through the use of watercolour pencils.

-Delacroix “Romanticism and Orientalism” (8-18 years old)


For Eugène Delacroix, considered as the leader of French Romanticism, Morocco was a dazzling land. This unforgettable experience deeply influenced his way of painting after he came back, and throughout his life he constantly referred to his lively memories. First introduced to Orientalism with the help of some works by Delacroix, the children will then make their own sketchbook with graphite and watercolour pencils through direct observation of facsimile of sketchbooks that Delacroix brought back from Morocco. Besides the fact that sketchbooks are intended to be brought everywhere, sketches are characterized by their rapidity of execution. The children need to understand and to learn freedom of movement in the art of drawing.

Price per workshop 70 euros
Information and Booking 01 44 41 86 59

Workshops for individuals (adults)

These workshops are exclusively devoted to the art of drawing by exploring its various techniques: pencil, charcoal, red chalk, ink, pastel, watercolour… The participants will look closely at Delacroix’s multiple uses of these techniques in order to inspire from it and to free from it. Different themes will be studied as felines, portraits, hands, landscapes, horses… Each workshop is independent: individuals may come regularly or according to their leisure time.

Price per workshop : 15 euros
Information and Booking 01 44 41 86 59

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