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Richard-Parkes Bonington (1802–1828)

Most of this British painter’s short career took place in Paris.

Although much of his inspiration often came from his compatriots (Constable, Turner), he was highly influenced by the art of the Venetian painters, whom he copied at the Musée du Louvre, before traveling to Venice in the spring of 1826 with Baron Rivet. His friendship for Delacroix, with whom he visited London in 1825, is well known: he perfected his watercolor technique alongside the painter. He paid Delacroix a vibrant posthumous tribute with this words: "No one ... has such a light touch in his execution, particularly in watercolor, which makes his works something like diamonds that flatter and delight the eye, independent of any subject or imitation."

The two artists painted small "troubadour-style" painting that were similar in facture and the choice of subjects.

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