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René Piot (1866–1934)

Piot was part of the Nabi and Fauve generation, but he deliberately worked outside the confines of these groups.

In 1890, he met Maurice Denis, Ker-Xavier Roussel, Vuillard, and Bonnard at the Académie Jullian, but discovered the importance of drawing and mastered the organization of colors with Pierre Andrieu, Delacroix’s assistant. After working in Gustave Moreau’s studio, he started to travel, discovering in Italy the techniques of fresco and tempera that he would use in public and private commissions for mural paintings.

In 1931, when he was asked to restore Delacroix’s paintings in the library of the Palais Bourbon, Piot made twenty-two watercolors and gouache copies of the various elements of the decor and in 1931 published a book: Palettes de Delacroix.

He also published the first edition of Delacroix’s Journals (1890) in collaboration with Paul Flat.

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