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Louis de Schwiter (1805–1889)

Schwiter was a landscape and portrait painter, and an illustrator.

He was part of the small circle of Delacroix’s close friends linked to the Pierret family, to which Schwiter was related. The two men met before Delacroix’s trip to England (1825). They maintained a fairly regular correspondence until Delacoix died.

When Delacoix returned to France, he painted a life-size portrait of his friend that he submitted, unsuccessfully, to the Salon jury of 1827 (London, National Gallery; this painting belonged to Degas). Schwiter collected antiques, and he asked Delacroix to negotiate with the Louvre for works he had brought back from Italy. We know that the painter traded one of his most romantic watercolors, Horse Frightened by a Storm (Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts) for a collection of "imprints" made from antique medals. Delacroix asked Schwiter, along with Andrieu, Burty, Dutilleux, Dauzats, and others, to organize his portfolios.

In return, Schwiter was able to select a drawing, and received a bequent of three small canvases from the painter.

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