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Henriette de Verninac (1780–1827)

In 1798, Henriette, Delacroix’s older sister, married Raymond de Verninac-Saint-Maur (1762-1822), who had just been named Ambassador to Sweden, and later Constantinople.

After their marriage, when Raymond was named prefect of the Rhône region, the couple moved to Lyon. The portrait of Henriette as Diana the Huntress Preparing Her Arrows, sculpted by Chinard, and another painted by Jacques-Louis David that Delacroix kept to the end of his life (both in the Musée du Louvre) date from this period. When his mother died, Delacroix lived with his sister and brother-in-law. The deep fondness he held for their son, Charles, just five years younger than Delacroix, did little to improve the difficult relations that arose over money issues, due in part to mismanagement of the family’s property of Boixe. Y

et when Henriette died, Delacroix took responsibility for his nephew. When the latter, who became a diplomat, died from yellow fever after returning from a mission in Vera Cruz (1832), Delacroix grieved deeply. The funerary mask of Charles de Verninac is in the Musée Delacroix.

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