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Frédéric Villot (Liège, 1809–Paris, 1875)

Frédéric Villot, Soldat de la guerre de l'empereur du Maroc, d'après (...)
Frédéric Villot, Soldat de la guerre de l’empereur du Maroc, d’après Delacroix

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Frédéric Villot was a scholar, collector, bibliophile, and engraver.

A painting curator at the Musée du Louvre from 1848 to 1861, he began to catalogue the collections by setting up a chronological order by schools. He quit his job in the wake of criticism of his restoration policies. He amassed a collection of paintings, drawings, and engravings by Delacroix, and himself engraved a series of etchings after drawings by the master.

They maintained a loyal friendship, despite a few clashes. Frédéric and Pauline Villot, of whom Delacroix was very fond, sometimes invited the painter to Champrosay, the very place where he would later purchase his country home.

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