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Adrien Dauzats (1804–1868)

Dauzats was one of the first painters to embark on exploratory trips to exotic countries.

Born in Bordeaux, he studied set painting, then worked in Paris painting sets for the Théâtre Italien. He began working with Baron Taylor in 1827 on Voyages pittoresques et romantiques dans l’ancienne France (in 1829, Delacroix also contributed to the volume devoted to the Auvergne). He thus made a large number of architectural paintings and drawings. In 1830, he traveled with Baron Taylor to Egypt, the Sinai, Palestine, and Syria. He went to Spain several times (1835 to 1837), then to Algeria (1839) and Tangiers (1850). Although his orientalist work was free of the constraints inherent in a commission, it essentially consisted of views of monuments with landscapes of varying size, depending on the work.

Dauzats moved to rue Notre-Dame de Lorette in 1844n near Delacroix’s home. A friendship soon developed between the two, along with a regular correspondence. Delacroix asked him to be one of his executors.

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